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Why Jackfruit?

Jackfruit – Source: Jaikishan Patel @ Unsplash

Product of a funny and remarkable story combined with the great attributes of the fruit, our agency, jackfruit was born.

Before giving details about how the concept of Jackfruit came up, I would like to tell you that this process can be really useful if you are about to choose a name and a personality for your business. It’s really interesting how the puzzle pieces come together when we are on the right path. So, let me share our experience with you.

The Story Behind It All

On a Friday afternoon, right after our shift at Sony Music, my friend, Rafael, and I decided to go for a swim in a waterfall that was around 20-30 minutes by bike from the office.

We had a great time there, enjoying the sunny day with the support of a refreshing water and feeling 100% in contact with nature. At that moment, we chat a lot about dreams, our purpose in the world and how important it was to have moments like that balancing our work and personal lives.

After a couple of hours, the sun started to fall and we had to leave. But first, I suggested that we went up on the road until we reached the Vista Chinesa to see Rio de Janeiro from above. And so we did. The only thing we didn’t count on was the distance – which, by the way, wasn’t 10 steps ways.

We were tired. We were worried because the day was turning into night and we were in the middle of nowhere with only one bike. What did we do? We started laughing about the whole situation. Then, I noticed that there were a lot of jackfruit trees in surrounding us and I suggested: “Rafa (his nickname), let’s pick one up?”. Of course he said yes and there we were, two weirdos trying to climb a tree to pick a jackfruit.

Around 20 minutes later, we made it. We picked the fruit and we were happy! So, if all the energy left in our bodies, we walked fast towards Vista Chinesa and we arrived right in time to watch the sunset. What a reward for our efforts, right?

From a day with no plans which we could’ve easily stayed home and watched TV, we have met new people, recharged our batteries with the help of nature, picked a jackfruit from the tree and watched the sunset in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. All of that just because we decided to change things a little.

Jackfruit is born

It wasn’t right the way that our agency, Jackfruit, was created. A few months passed, I’ve moved to São Paulo and Rafael was still working at Sony Music. We weren’t even thinking about this possibility yet.

In August, I had the idea of creating my own business to help brands to build a stronger and unique personality. When I talked to Rafa about it, we jumped right into the project and we started working together, joining our forces.

When the moment to choose the name came, we wanted something that could not only represent our friendship but also something that could represent diversity and creativity. That’s when our little story returned to our minds and without a second thought we knew that Jackfruit was our name.

Giving a face to the name

This step was one of the most important ones in the whole process. Why? Because this is what defines your brand’s personality, which is: how your brands communicates to its audience; who you will talk to; where will you reach them; how you are being seen and many other traits.

In our case, we made a research on the importance of jackfruit to see if any of its qualities could be useful for us. Turns out all of them were a good fit for our project. According to Peta and Pinterest, the jackfruit was one of the hottest food trends in 2017 and, honestly, I believe this is just the beginning. Jackfruit is rich in protein, vitamin and other nutrients being extremely versatile and essential to our nutrition.

The Amazing Jackfruit

These were the core values that we wanted our brands to have. Jackfruit is a 360º fruit that provides so many possibilities to us, besides being very delicious as well. What a good choice for an agency that wants to defend diversity, creativity and dynamic community.

From that point on, it was a lot easier for us to define who wanted to be as a business and how we were going to enter the market, presenting ourselves to our potential clients and producing content that reflects our mindset. And so it all began.

// Renan Constant
Brand Strategist at Jackfruit


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