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The new generation of Advertising

In comparison with the “old Advertising”,
grows a generation decided to produce the content
that they would like to consume.

It is a reality that the formula for the old advertising – the ones from Mad Men selling the perfect family – has being changed and it’s going through a deep process of realignment that is honest to the reality and the questions that surround our society nowadays. By “old advertising”, we’ll establish that we are talking about those campaigns which had no concerns about inclusion, respectful about the ethnic, sexual and cultural diversities – besides reinforcing sexists, racists and LGBTQIA+phobic stereotypes.

Times are changing and people are claiming their spaces and the speeches’ ownership that are being created even more. The agencies and brands are running to follow the new dialogues that, with the internet expansion, are even more accelerated. A recent research from Kantar pointed that 7 in 10 consumers aren’t feeling represented in Advertising, which is very concerning due to the amount of money invested in multiple campaigns every single day.

In this context, it’s evident that the ideas, the studies and insights need to turn their attentions to the power of the streets and to their costumers real lives. And beyond that, it’s needed that strategies be created also by people who live in the reality proposed in theses campaigns. That’s the reason why we’re in an effervescent moment of debating about the needs to increase diversity inside companies and agencies. We understand that, even being composed by extremely empathic people, a team mostly composed by white medium class people isn’t capable of properly talking for all the countless realities existing in the World. Acknowledging that fact is, beyond honest, a very clever attitude in therms of business.

We are living an amazing wave with the rising of many artistic collectives, independent producers and new agencies that are trying to restructure the creation processes, rethinking their team’s diversity and, mainly, creating possibilities of building new scenarios for historically and systematically marginalized groups. This path for change is hard and long for all, but these are urgent matters. And it’s a reason for celebration that we have a generation and a youth creating their own alternatives and a new advertising with more authenticity and aligned with real life.

These independent movements are being born mostly by professionals that seek to flexibilize the process and to humanize the brands using real people to talk about their life experiences and that way, bringing more truth to their communication for example. The internet, in this process, remains the essential tool and platform for the expansion and dissemination of these creative professionals and content producers that are always being seen and hired by brands to add to their campaigns and for collaborating for authentic ways for selling their products/services and also in the identity construction of their customers by presenting life purposes.

// Rafael Rodrigues
Creative Filmmaker at Jackfruit


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